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Switzer Pivot Home Loan

Would you like a home loan for just 1.9% p.a.*?

Terms, Conditions & Eligibility Criteria apply for the Switzer Pivot Home Loan (PHL). The PHL loan facility may not be suitable for, or available to all clients. Home Loan loyalty discounts are only available to applicants with both a Home and an Investment Loan with the discounted Home Loan Rate of 1.90% p.a. only available to applicants that meet specific criteria. Indicative interest rates for both the Home Loan and the Investment Loan can be found by using the Pivot Calculator available here.

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What is the Switzer Pivot Home Loan?

The Switzer Pivot Home Loan is a tax effective lending solution that can deliver a Home Loan rate as low as 1.9% p.a.*

The Loan is designed for people with both a home loan and an investment loan. You can own your home sooner by paying a super-low interest rate on your home loan, and at the same time maximise the tax deduction on your investment loan.

Because you pay a higher rate on the investment loan, you can access possibly the lowest home loan rate in Australia of just 1.9% p.a.*, helping you own your home sooner.

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How the Switzer Pivot Home Loan Works

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How does it work?

The Switzer Pivot Home Loan has a tax ruling from the Australian Tax Office which enables significant savings for people with both a home loan and investment loan.

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The Switzer Pivot Home Loan allows borrowers with both a home and an investment loan to have a loyalty discount applied to their home loan rate. This means that more of the interest cost can be applied to the Investment Loan.

Depending on the balances of the Home and Investment loans, a discount is applied to your home loan with a floor rate as low as 1.9%.

The rate on the Investment Loan is higher but has a ceiling rate which is NO greater than the highest interest Only Investment loan of the big 4 banks.

As your debt reduces, discounts may also be applied to the Investment Loan rate.

You still pay your lender the same amount of total interest, but proportionally, the amount is higher on the Investment Loan.

It’s this part of the loan which attracts a tax deduction, allowing you to allocate your interest expense in the most efficient way possible.

Why use the Pivot Home Loan

The Pivot Features


Use offset accounts for each Investment loan and have the benefit applied to your home loan.


Have the convenience of keeping your transactions in separate sub-accounts for budgeting and taxation purposes.


Borrowers have flexibility of naming their loan and offset accounts online.

Who is the loan right for?


Borrowers who have one or more investment properties as part of their wealth accumulation strategy.


Borrowers who have greater than 20% equity in their properties.


People who want to own their own home sooner so they can live the life they want!

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