Why selling in winter works

18th Jul 2018By: John McGrath

So, it’s the Winter season. Fewer people attend opens. There are fewer homes for sale. The gloomy weather allows less light into your property. The rain makes your lawn soggy. The house feels cold. Doesn’t sound like the best time to sell but let me surprise you – Winter can actually be the perfect season to sell.

Let me explain why. There are three key reasons.

First of all, genuine buyers don’t stop looking for a new home just because it’s raining on Saturday morning. Fewer people will attend your open in Winter but you can bank on those buyers being genuine – not locals popping in for a look or future buyers researching the area.

Secondly, there are less homes for sale. People are seeing fewer listings advertised and fewer signboards. It makes the market look slow and boring, right? Not true. It’s actually great news for sellers.

Low supply of similar homes for sale will always work in your favour. It means buyers don’t have as many options and therefore, more of them will notice your home.

They’ll have more opportunity to inspect it because there will be less homes sharing the same open time slot.

Buyers will be less rushed with fewer opens to attend, so they’ll have more time to wander around your place and imagine living there. This is all good for you.

Lastly, Winter is an advantageous time to sell because it enables you to buy in the traditionally busy Spring period, when more homes are listed for sale.

Sell in Winter and you won’t be competing against all those new Spring listings, you’ll be competing for them. With your sale done and dusted, you’ll have an exact budget to work with, too.

Some properties are particularly suited to a Winter sale. For example, beautifully renovated period homes with open fireplaces can be cosy and inviting in Winter. Conversely, beachside properties with pools will always present best in Spring or Summer.

For Winter sellers, Adrian Bo, McGrath’s Performance Growth Coach, provides the following tips on how to maximise your home’s appeal in the cooler months.

Maximising your home’s Winter appeal

  • Make sure windows are clean and window-dressings are well presented to make the most of natural light
  • Schedule your inspections for times of day when rooms capture the most winter sun possible
  • Use candles, lamps and soft furnishings like cushions and throw rugs to make darker areas cosy and appealing
  • Factor in time to properly heat your home before potential buyers arrive for inspections and the auction itself
  • Make sure your home is ready for any winter downpours – clear gutters and pathways so water can clear easily
  • On wet days, don’t be afraid to ask those who come to the inspection to take off their shoes at the door to protect floors from muddy footprints

When the weather changes and the temperature drops, the market doesn’t go cold. Talk to your local agent about market conditions and whether this Winter provides a good opportunity for you.