How to sell a small space in 5 easy steps

2nd Oct 2014By: Peter Switzer

If you’re trying to sell a small apartment or house, you’re going to have to try and do everything you can to make it appear more spacious and feel more liveable for potential buyers.

So, how do you do that short of putting everything in storage? You might think it’s disingenuous of real-estate agents to use a wide camera lens (and shoot from the corner of a room) to give the picture more depth, but they actually have the right idea. It’s all about appearance versus reality.

Here are five simple tricks to make your small living space “same-same but different.”

1. Mirror magic

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Placing a floor-length mirror in a room draws the eye up and across, increasing the room’s perceived depth. If you want to boost the light factor, position the mirror directly across from an open window. And if you’re really sneaky (or especially pro-mirror) two adjacent mirrors can also up the ante.

2. Use your walls, not your floors

A small space means you have less to work with, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut out all of your non-essentials. If you’re used to displaying your photos, flowers, or books on side tables, try giving them a new home on “floating shelves”. Not only are you transforming your stuff into a standout wall feature, you’re also eliminating the need for big blocks of side table guarding either side of your bed, for example.

3. Hidden storage

There are so many furniture items which cater to the space savvy individual with a squishy home. Multipurpose beds and ottomans with hidden storage compartments are your best friend. They can be filled with all of those heavy blankets and quilts that lose their jobs when summer comes along. It’s also a great way to put your necessary (but often ignored) paper work into hibernation, particularly if you don’t have the office space.

4. Use light colours and create cohesion

It’s not rocket science but painting a smaller space with light colours and tones like whites, creams, and very light blues can really open up your home. Cooler colours illuminate spaces, unlike darker colours which absorb natural light. If you want to splash colour around your home with furniture, try using different tones of the same colour so that not every piece of furniture demands attention – cohesion is key.

5. Use less space to create more space

Keeping walk ways clear will again make your home appear less cramped and let potential buyers move freely about, instead of battling within an obstacle course. It might sound strange but pulling your furniture out from the walls by a fraction, and having furniture with legs can also create the illusion of vacant space. You should also remember to have appropriately-sized furniture – that means not buying a king bed if your room can barely fit a double! Similarly, choose dainty bed frames, chairs, and lamps to compliment your humble haven.