About us

For many years, Peter Switzer and his team have delivered trusted financial
information and advice to Australian investors and small business owners through
our newsletters, websites, financial planning practice and our role in the Australian media.

Having helped thousands of clients plan for their financial future, we recognize that some investors are more comfortable investing in real estate than the stock market. We understand that Australians love the security of ‘bricks and mortar’ and identify with those who have achieved great wealth and financial security through smart property investment. However, we also believe that many investors do not get the right lending solution or advice when purchasing property.

In order to help Australians protect and make the most of their property investments, we have partnered with Synergy Home Loans, to form Switzer Home Loans a 100% Australian Owned non-bank lender. With over 100 years of combined experience in both bank and non-bank lending, we believe we have teamed up with the best in the industry to launch our own loans.

Our purpose

At Switzer Home Loans, our purpose is to help Australians achieve their property investment objectives by providing tailored solutions, expert structuring advice and competitive home loan products. Whether you are property investor, home buyer or want to use your super to invest in real estate, Switzer Home Loans has a lending solution designed to meet your needs.

Our difference

Whilst we provide competitive low rate loans with no fees, our point of difference is that we’re investment lending specialists who tailor a loan to your investment situation. By working with you on the loan structure and also considering the most tax effective options, we will help you achieve your investment objectives.

What we do

At Switzer Home Loans all clients are allocated their own personal lending specialist with a minimum of 10 years industry experience. All lending specialists will:

  • > Provide you with a low rate loan with no fees
  • > Tailor your loan specifically to your investment situation
  • > Work with you to structure your loan to best suit your needs whether that be fixed, floating or combination of both
  • > Ensure that the most tax efficient options are assessed and provided
  • > Deliver high quality service and advice that helps you make the right decisions when it comes to investing in property
  • > Help you achieve your goals and objectives

At Switzer, we offer more than just a loan – we offer highly tailored solutions, service and advice to help you maximise the return on your property investment.

Why Switzer Home Loans?

Low rate loans tailored to suit you

  • Low rate and no fees
  • A loan designed for your investment situation
  • We will help you achieve your goals and objectives

You choose how to structure

  • Fixed or floating
  • A combination of fixed and floating
  • Interest only
  • Loans portions available

Superior service

  • Direct access to your own lending service manager
  • All managers have over 10 years banking & lending experience
  • Online and phone access

Advice from experts

  • First class lending solutions
  • Structuring to suit your needs
  • Property investing advice
  • SMSF expertise

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