3 tips to boost your real estate agent relationship

22nd Mar 2016By: Charles Tarbey

There is no question that we live in a world consumed by technology. Our days are spent transfixed on shining screens, communicating through texts, emails, tweets and more.

When it comes to real estate, technology has significantly advanced the real estate industry. From online and social media property listings to the development of property apps at the tips of buyers’ fingers, the opportunities the digital world has created are endless.

While many of these new technologies are helping property buyers make their lives easier, I believe there are a wealth of advantages that can result from establishing a strong face to face connection with an agent.

Agents are often time poor so by making yourself ‘front of mind’ to them, you may be able to snag an ‘off the market’ purchase or at least be one of the first buyers called when a good property comes on the market.

Here are three tips that I believe will be useful in encouraging communication and creating valuable connections between you and your agent.

1. Be proactive when building a relationship

Whilst the internet offers a fast and easy way of browsing what stock is available, break down the digital barrier by picking up the phone and arranging a face to face meeting with an agent.

Agents will be able to provide you with local knowledge that a Facebook post could not. Knowing the hot spots and the upcoming developments of the area could make a huge difference to which property you purchase and where.

2. Embrace open homes

While the internet allows buyers to browse properties for hours and hours, nothing quite beats attending a lot of open homes.

Firstly, properties can be very different in real life to how they appear online. Walking around, getting a feel for the home and inspecting all the nooks and crannies will ensure you are not disappointed.

Recently, I have attended many open homes and I have noticed that some agents were hesitant to engage in conversation with potential buyers and vice versa. I encourage both parties to be confident, put themselves out there and have a chat.

As you attend open homes, you not only get a chance to build a relationship with an agent – you can also get a feel for the market and what is available or the conditions that may be experienced in an upcoming auction.

3. Tell the agent what you are looking for

In the same way you can create a price range for online properties to view, in order to narrow searches and save time, you can also tell local agents the type and range of property you are looking for. This doesn’t mean you have to tell them the highest price you will pay for a property. Providing an indication of your range will often suffice, making your life and the agent’s life easier.

Giving agents minimal feedback about your needs and wants may lead to them proposing the wrong type of properties for your circumstance. Valuable time could be wasted as your ideal property may be sitting on the market.

As you look to achieve success in the real estate market, it’s wonderful to embrace new technologies and what they provide but sometimes it’s also important to unplug from the online environment and get out into the market.

Whilst searching for the ideal investment or new home, aim for balance. Utilise the power of information and communication that technology can offer but do not forget to look for the human connections and experiences that can only emerge in the real world.